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60 MINUTES: $150.00

If you are a newbie to personal training, 1 session may not give you a clear view of the benefits and what your body can do. We offer the Beginners Special (this service can only be used one time per client) where you purchase 3 personal training sessions at an introductory price. This program is available for live or virtual personal training.

Assessments and goals are completed during the 1st session.  The second and third session will be complete workouts with a personalized designed program, corrective techniques applied and healthy wellness guidelines.

Full payment for this package is due before or at time of first session. A 10% service charge may be applied per session for live sessions, if trainer must travel greater than 10 mile radius.

60 MINUTES: $60.00

This service is an individual one on one (live) personal training session.  No set package is associated with this service.  Clients can take one session or several sessions whenever they choose throughout the year.  There is no commitment with this service.

An initial assessment for new clients and suggested personalized exercise plan comes with this one on one coaching.  Payments  for sessions are expected at the time of service.

Clients must complete an assessment and provide evidence of medical clearance is warranted prior to the first session to assure for safety and health in exercise.

The personal training session can be performed at the local gym or recreational center or the client’s home.  A 10% service charge is applied per session, when the travel for the personal trainer involves greater than 10 mile radius to client’s home.

60 MINUTES: $60.00

This is a one on one virtual personal training plan. The cost is $60/per session for 60 minutes.  The program requires an initial interview to review and determine health goals.  The interview can be completed in person, by phone or through virtual conference (ZOOM).

Virtual personal training services are held through the ZOOM. Clients will be provided an access link for their training.  The One on one virtual sessions can be purchased as a single session or save 10% with a bundled package of 8 sessions ($432) and meet weekly by ZOOM.

The personal training bundled package is designed to tone, muscle, assist in weight management and cardiovascular endurance. Recommendations for meal planning are included in the bundled packages.

Client will need some personal exercise equipment to participate in a virtual program.  Examples of equipment that may be helpful include: resistant bands, dumbbells, stability ball, bench or sturdy chair, step).

The training plan includes initial interview, custom exercise program design with various exercise modalities appropriate to the client, nutrition guidelines and instructor email/text check-up outside of exercise sessions. Client must be able to confirm medical clearance for exercise.

Payment for training  package selected is due at time of commitment.

This is a bundled package and CANNOT BE BROKEN
If you want to experience incredible results and you are committed to the process, this is a package that will start your course. The Challenge is a personal training package that consists of 16 one on one training sessions. This remarkable package is priced at $900 ($56.25/per session) for 16 sessions.  Each session is 60 minutes in length and meet twice per week (typically 8 weeks).
The Challenge includes an individualized assessment to determine health goals, strength, and skill level. Also included are personalized exercise plans, demonstrations of exercise format with exercise modifications appropriate to skill level, corrective techniques, nutritional
guidelines, informational handouts and 7 additional wellness checkpoints to keep you on target.
This program is designed to tone major muscles, aid in losing weight and enhance
cardiovascular endurance and increase flexibility.
Half of the non-refundable payment ($450) is required before or at the time of the 1st meeting alone with return of the commitment agreement.
Strong and Lean (LIVE, 24 SESSIONS)

24 session package – $1,200.00

This is a bundled package and CANNOT BE BROKEN

If you want to be a champion in meeting your health and fitness goals, the Strong and Lean package will get you there. This is Get Up and MOOOVE’s gold standard package. Strong and Lean is like The Challenge package with exception, it includes additional sessions at decreased
price. It consists of 24 one-on- one training sessions. The cost of this package is priced at $1,200 ($50/per session), which gives the client a preferred rate for committing to a 12-week training program. The program price also builds in a decrease from the regular one-on-one rate to accommodate for potential missed sessions throughout the year. Each session is 60 minutes in length and meet twice per week.

Strong and Lean includes an individualized assessment to determine health goals, strength, and skill level. Also included are personalized exercise plans, demonstrations of exercise format
with exercise modifications appropriate to skill level, corrective techniques, nutritional guidelines, informational handouts. There are also 7 additional wellness checkpoints to keep you on target toward your goals.

This program is designed to tone and build lean muscles, aid in losing weight, enhance cardiovascular endurance and increase flexibility.

One-third of the non-refundable payment ($400) is required before or at the time of the 1st session. Remaining payments are made before or at each 4-week interval. This package requires the signed return of a commitment agreement.

Let's Do It Together (live partner training)
70 MINUTES: $40.00 (per person)

This is a semi- private group personal training plan (max 4 people) (2 couples) to be trained at the same time and place. This plan is a BARGAIN! Bring a partner and split the cost of a 70 minute personal training session: two people trained for the price of one. Each individual will need to complete a health assessment and sign the waiver prior to the first exercise session. No commitments required. Participates can do one class or repeat this service as many times as they wish. Participants are required to have a partner for this training session but they can bring a different person to a subsequent appointments, as long as medical clearances have been approved.

This program REQUIRES  partner clients

Consistent exercise and personal training is designed to tone, aid in losing weight and assist cardiovascular endurance.

The Let’s Do It Together semi-private group Personal Training program is a fun way to activate total body muscles.  Proper form, function and flexibility are emphasized.  The exercises are presented in a circuit format and with partner designed exercises included that keep the class interesting.  Instructor demonstrates, reviews, provides corrective techniques and gives wellness guidelines that will add to the experience in the long term. Ideal for couples or groups that want to get fit together while having fun.  These sessions are also suitable for various age partner groups ( eg. mother/daughter. father/son, spouses, etc.).

Group Personal Training sessions are to be located at a local gym, recreation center or participating church.  Participants will need to bring floor mat, towel, water and may need to bring dumbbells or resistant bands for their personal use.

Payment is required by all participants before or at the beginning of session.  Medical clearance documentation required prior to training.

An additional 10% charge, per session, is added on if travel for the personal trainer is greater than 10 miles radius.

90 MINUTE SESSION: $100.00

With this service the client meets with the trainer once per month for 90 minutes.  The trainer designs a program specific to clients fitness needs and goals.  The trainer demonstrates the workout(s) the client will be doing for that month and provides the client with a written plan to follow. The trainer will connect with the client by phone or zoom for a 10 minute follow up and accountability call  at mid-point.

In addition to going over specific workouts, monthly one on one sessions will provide opportunity to discuss goals, obstacles and how to mitigate problem areas so that progress is not slowed.  A 3 month commitment is associated with this package.  Full payment is expected at time of service or before the first monthly meeting.   This service can be repeated.

This is an excellent way to get the benefits of a customized training program without having to meet with a trainer for each session.  This plan is a good option for those who are self-disciplined individuals.

There will be a 10% service charge ($10.00) applied to meetings that are greater than 10 mile radius travel distance for trainer.

Group Exercise (live)
45 MINUTES: $15.00

I choreograph and design fun group aerobic exercise sessions for church groups, girls clubs, ladies night out, birthday parties, youth groups, assisted living and senior recreation centers, etc.  Groups can select a one time exercise session or a bundled 4 session package that requires a group minimum of 8 people.  Cost is $15/per person for 1 time session. If the group is 12 or greater the cost is reduced to a one time flat fee of $120. 

For groups that want to purchase a bundle of classes, there is a bundle of 4 classes and you can mix and match the classes.  The cost is $10/per person/per class.  A group minimum of 8 people is required for each class. A 10% service charge is assessed for travel greater than 10 mile radius for trainer.

Please know that all music used has been screened carefully.  Music containing profanity and/or sexual obsene lyrics are not selected.

Programs currently available include:

Gospel BEATS – a cardio drumming session that gets you sweating and moving to christian gospel music. Similar to POUND.

Total Body Mix – low impact total body cardio and toning circuit.  Gets your heart pumping and your muscles burning. Great for toning and weight control.

Sit Up and MOVE – chair aerobic exercise session that will have you energized and moving with fun moves and music.

Anywhere DRUMS – the traditional cardio drumming class using a stability ball or chair and drumsticks.  Excellent for all ages.

Upper Body Strengh – an upper body circuit training strength class. Ideal for those who want to strengthen and tone shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest and back muscles. 

Contact me for more information on ongoing group exercise sessions.

45 MINUTES: $15.00

Many of the live group exercise classes are available as virtual individual classes.  These can be ZOOM meetings or other virtual media platforms.  Contact me at to order one of my fun classes for your virtual party. Bundles and various packages are available at reasonable prices.


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