Personal training that’s fun and effective

Get up and mooove



Core Principles

The Core Principals of Get Up and Mooove embodies, Trust, Accountability, Safety, Compassion and Fun. We strive to include these principals throughout every service we provide.  

Our services span private personal training sessions to community group exercise. You can be assured that no matter which program you choose, you will be treated with dignity and compassion.  A trustworthy, certified professional will work with you or your group to make certain you have a safe and fun time.  Call for a consultation and see which program is best for your needs.

One on one

One size doesn’t fit all.   We recognize that everyone comes with different fitness abilities. The One-on-One program is a private session that customizes the fitness experience to meet your specific health goals and fitness level.  You will receive expert coaching to develop strength, enduranceand flexibility with the undivided attention of a personal trainer. Sessions are held at a gym or in the comfort of your home.

Let’s do it together

Don’t like exercising alone?  Select semi-private Personal Training sessions that can be done with 2-3 people for a fraction of the price.  Individuals receive expert coaching and personalized attention to meet personal goals while enjoying the company of friends.  These sessions are held at a local gym or in the comfort of one home.

Group exercise

Join a group and be part of a community of exercise enthusiast or those who just want to move and have some fun.  

Cardio Drumming, Total Strength, and Chair Aerobics are just a few options.  There are also specific challenges held throughout the year to motivate and target special events (5K run, Breast Cancer, etc.). There are regular scheduled group fitness classes (virtual) that can be scheduled through a digital platform.  



“Just what I needed!!”
Carol C.

“The 28 Day Challenge would have been daunting if it weren’t for the expert guidance of our trainer-leader-encourager Maydis Skeete.
Maydis gave clear instructions and broke each part into palatable pieces, directing us every step of the way. The four components: nutrition, exercise, rest, and spirituality were part of a thoughtful and thought through self care package. The advice was consistent and concrete. I received everything, from recipes to soul uplifting verses in a timely manner.  The results were also phenomenal. I lost weight (not a lot), but my shape, my arms looked as good as she promised.  The virtual classroom and classmates were delightful! My only wish is that I can participate in another challenge soon!  She was the best!”
Dolly T.
Ypsilanti, Michigan

“At first I was hesitant to take the 28 Day Selfcare Challenge because I didn’t think I would be committed or have the physical ability to participate but I was wrong…This program is adaptive, motivating, gives a physical, spiritual, emotional and healthy approach to self-care. My experience was great and I would highly recommend this challenge to everyone”
Deborah D.
Berrien Springs, Michigan


personal training that's fun and effective

Get up and mooove

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